About Goodfinds


Who we are 

We are a secondhand resale shop that cares about helping you and our planet look and feel good! 

At Choose Goodfinds we believe that our model - which relies on the reduce and reuse approach - allows consumers to refill their closets with unique, high quality, gently loved items that are fashion forward. We believe that what we are looking for likely already exists - sometimes we just might not have the time or patience to source for it on our own. Goodfinds puts in the hard work of finding and repairing quality pieces to make shopping for gently pre-loved items easy and enjoyable. 

By choosing to shop secondhand you are contributing to the sustainability of our environment and decreasing the carbon footprint without compromising style. With only a finite number of resources available, it is important to be mindful of mass production and over consumption. 

Though traditional retail and fast fashion can be undeniably affordable, it comes at a larger cost to both the Earth and workers rights. By choosing Goodfinds you are making a difference. Thank you!


With great love, 

Jimena Estrada, Founder